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The Boonton Township Police Department offers property checks of your home while you are away or your home is vacant for any reason for a period of time, without any cost to our residents. Please CLICK HERE for a closed house form and submit the completed form to the Boonton Township Police Department.


Celebrating The New Year Safely

A Message From the Boonton Township Police Department

 As another calendar year comes to an end and we welcome in 2019, we would like to take this opportunity to provide some practical safety tips to ensure that the New Year is as safe and peaceful as possible for all of our Township residents. With the winter season fully underway, we typically experience a rise in travel and vacations, as well as hazardous road conditions and poor weather this time of year. Keeping all of these factors in mind, it is truly important to take general precautions and safety measures this time each year.

 During the winter season one of our main concerns lies with our motorists; this is especially true with our teen drivers. The Boonton Township Police Department is proud to announce that we just wrapped up another successful “Alive at 25” safe driving initiative with our high school students. “Alive at 25” is a driver safety course taught by specially trained officers from the Boonton Township Police Department. This program is available for all new drivers at Mountain Lakes High School, as well as their parents. This program aims to provide practical advice to teens who are just getting behind the wheel for the first time. The program stresses the importance of acquiring first-time driving experience under low risk conditions. The winter season typically presents a challenge to first time drivers as hazardous road conditions combined with overall inexperience can be such a dangerous combination. We would like to remind our youth to make safe and responsible decisions during this rather busy time of the year. We also need to stress to parents that they also have a vital role in regards to keeping our children safe during the winter season. Parties and celebrations have become a routine occurrence as we ring in the New Year. It should go without saying that underage consumption of alcohol is illegal, and we would like to remind parents of the criminal and civil liability associated with hosting underage drinking parties. 

 We also want to again remind our residents to take steps to ensure the safety of their homes and valuables all throughout the winter. As weather conditions deteriorate and residents feel the need for a quick getaway, vacations become a popular solution. Unfortunately, criminals are aware of this as well. We can’t stress enough how important it is to engage in general safety practices to deter potential burglars during this time of the year. Locking your doors, turning on your motion sensor lights, and activating your burglar alarms should be a priority.  It is also a good practice to keep the appearance that your home is occupied when you are away. Leave a car in the driveway, leave lights on, don't let excessive amounts of uncollected mail pile up, and let a trusted neighbor know about your travel plans. Homes which appear to be vacant and unoccupied are typically targeted more by burglars. And most importantly, if you see something, say something! Most of the time your initial instincts are right, and if something seems out of the ordinary it probably is. Our officers would much rather respond to a “false alarm” than to not be notified at all. It is important to be a good neighbor and keep a watchful eye over your neighborhoods. We also remind our residents that they can notify the police department when their house will be empty for any period of time. The vacant house form can be located in the lobby of our police department or on our website at www.btpolice.org. This form lets us know when your house will be empty, and our officers will conduct periodic property checks of the residence while you are away. For those of you that are not retreating to warmer weather, please try to keep your driveways and outdoor stairways free of snow and ice so that our officers can assist you more easily in the event of an emergency. We also urge our residents to check on their elderly neighbors from time to time, and please let us know if they require any extra assistance.

 We hope that 2019 is a safe, healthy and happy year for all of our residents here in Boonton Township. If we can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us, or stop by the department and see us. We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about our community. The Boonton Township Police Department is proud to serve the residents of this great community, and we are looking forward to a safe and successful New Year. 

The Boonton Township Police Department is committed to our community. The police department offers a variety of community service programs that are available to our residents. To find out more please click here.


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