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The Boonton Township Police Department offers property checks of your home while you are away or your home is vacant for any reason for a period of time, without any cost to our residents. Please CLICK HERE for a closed house form and submit the completed form to the Boonton Township Police Department.

The Boonton Township Police Department strives to be at the forefront in all aspects of law enforcement, specifically in the areas of transparency and community outreach. The Department has demonstrated this commitment through the implementation of a Mobile Video Recorder (MVR) program, also known as vehicle dash-cams, which we implemented in the early 2000s. Now, the Department will further enhance transparency, community outreach, and public trust by implementing a Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Program. All of our Police Officers will be equipped with Body Worn Cameras, as pictured below. 

Online Reporting is Now Available 

The purpose of this function is to allow Boonton Township citizens, customers or any victim of a crime that occurred within the Township limits, to file police reports online. After completing all required information you will be able to print a copy of the information that you submitted. If the incident you wish to report is an emergency, a crime in progress, or involves any type of injury please do not submit the report online, but dial 9-1-1. Domestic violence incidents do not qualify under the online reporting criteria and must have an officer respond.

If you are unable to determine if the incident is related to Domestic Violence and not in progress dial the police non-emergent number (973) 402-4000 to have an officer respond to your location. The loss or theft of prescription medication or narcotics cannot be reported online. For any incident that requires a police officer to respond dial the police non-emergency number (973) 402-4000.

Before you proceed, you should be aware that it is a crime to make a false police report and all instances of false reports will be prosecuted. This online reporting system is only to be used to report a set of limited criminal incidents with very specific criteria listed below.


The Body Worn Cameras will be used in accordance with the guidelines and policies established by the New Jersey Attorney General and the Morris County Prosecutors Office. The public can expect the cameras are recording interactions when Police Officers are in the performance of their official duties. 

Body Worn Camera Program 

The Boonton Township Police Department is committed to our community. The police department offers a variety of community service programs that are available to our residents. To find out more please click here.

Coban Focus X1 Body Worn Camera


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