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The Boonton Township Police Department is urging residents to monitor their bank activity closely after several resident’s credit cards were compromised shortly after those residents used a local ATM machine.

On January 7th 2016 shortly before 3pm Boonton Township Police responded to the Boonton Township Bank of America Branch on Powerville Road to take a report of criminal mischief. Police arrived at the Bank and noted that the ATM machine in the bank’s lobby had been tampered with. The nature of the damage to the ATM lead officers to believe that someone may have possibly inserted a “skimming device” in to the machine at some point. No skimming device was currently found in the machine when officers took the report on January 7th.

Throughout the course of the next week, Boonton Township Police received numerous reports from residents claiming that they had fraudulent activity on their bank account. All of the victims reported that they had recently used the tampered ATM machine before their accounts became compromised. Boonton Township Police are urging all residents to closely monitor their bank accounts, and to immediately report suspicious activity to the Police Department or their local bank branch. The case is currently being investigated by the Boonton Township Detective Bureau.

Skimming devices are typically placed on card-reader slots at ATMs and are able to read bank account information from the cards while customers proceed with transactions.


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