In order to obtain a firearm, you must meet eligibility requirements and comply with the statutes, which govern firearms purchases in the State of New Jersey. All firearms applications for residents of the State of New Jersey can now be completed online. 

To begin the new online process you will need to go to:

Please ensure that the Boonton Township ORI number is correct on the form and all information provided. If an incorrect ORI number is entered on the form, you will NOT receive a firearms ID card or a permit to purchase. You will then have to reapply using the correct ORI number and pay for the process again. A refund can not be issued. 

The Boonton Township Police Department ORI NUMBER to be used by Boonton Township residents ONLY is:


If you have never been fingerprinted before for firearms purposes, you will need to go for fingerprinting with the universal fingerprint form that will be generated after successful submission of this form. However, if you have been fingerprinted before for firearms purposes, upon completion of this form and payment, you would have completed both the STS 033 and 212A requirements. 

While using the online FARS system, if you are having technical or payment-related issues, contact the New Jersey e-Government Services help desk phone at:



$5.00 for Firearms Identification Card

$2.00 for each pistol permit


*Fees are to be paid when you pick up your ID card and/or pistol permit(s)

*You will pay for your background check online utilizing FARS.

firearms application & Registration System (FARS)

                      (973) 402-4000

155 Powerville Road Boonton Township, NJ 07005

Chief of Police, Thomas L. Cacciabeve