(973) 402-4000

155 Powerville Road Boonton Township, NJ 07005

Chief of Police, Thomas L. Cacciabeve

The Boonton Township Police Department's Patrol Division is the backbone of the Boonton Township Police Department. They are the uniformed Officers who provide the first line of defense for the public's safety. The Patrol Division consists of Patrol Officers, Field Training Officers, and Patrol Sergeants. These are the officers who provide round the clock, 24/7 protection to the residents of Boonton Township. Members of the patrol division work twelve hour tours, rotating between days and nights every two weeks.The Boonton Township Police Department is dispatched by the Morris County Communication Center, which also handles every 911 call made to Boonton Township.

The Patrol Division is charged with the enforcement of all Criminal Laws, Motor Vehicle Laws and Township Ordinances. To this end, the Patrol Division's Officers conduct speeding and radar enforcement, investigate motor vehicle accidents, detect drunk drivers, detect narcotic drug law violations, handle domestic violence calls, conduct random patrol in marked and unmarked patrol cars and participate in our Community Policing programs. These Officers also serve as the first responders to all fire and ambulance calls within the Township. When you call for HELP, these Officers are the people that will first arrive on scene and come to your aid.

The officers of the Patrol Division are all medically trained as First Responders and also have advanced bleeding control certifications. Our patrol officers are proficient in CPR and are also certified in the use of an automatic defibrillator. When you call for medical assistance, an officer from the patrol division will generally be the first person to respond on scene. This officer is equipped to provide medical assistance  until the first-aid squad and paramedics arrive on scene.

Patrol division