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155 Powerville Road Boonton Township, NJ 07005

Chief of Police, Thomas L. Cacciabeve

Township Ordinances

Common Township Ordinances

15-9  Tampering with Fire Department Equipment

15-10  Fire Lines and Hose Placement

15-12.A  Hindering Fire Department Personnel

15-12.B  Calling in False Fire Alarms

44-4.F  Low Flying Aircraft Under 700 Feet

47-4.A  Alarm Permit for Installation

47-4.B  Alarm Registration Required

47-8.A  Notification to Police Department of a False Alarm

47-8.A(1)  Warning Issued for 2 False Alarms within a 12 month period

47-8.A(2)  Summons Issued for 3 False Alarms within a 12 month period

47-8.C  Faulty Alarm Repair Requirement within 72 Hours

49-11  Alcoholic Beverage Sale, Service or Delivery Restrictions

49-14  Alcohol Service to Intoxicated Persons

49-17  Alcoholic Beverage Violations and Penalties

49-18  Underage Possession or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on Private Property

49-21  Underage Possession or Consumption Private Property Exceptions

49-22  Alcoholic Beverage Restrictions of Township Property

54-8  Unfit Buildings

66-2  Curfew Violations Persons Under 18 years of age between 2301-0600

66-3  Curfew Violations Parents Duty

71-2.A  Dog Licensing Required

71-2.B  Dog Licensing Required New Dog

71-2.C  Dog Licensing Required New Resident

71-4.A(1)  Dog Running At Large

71-4.A(2)  Dog Off Premises Must be Under Strict Control

71-4.A(3)  Dog Causing Injury to Person or Property

71-4.A(4)  Dog Causing Public Nuisance, Unsafe or Unhealthful Conditions

71-4.A(5)  Dog Habitually Barking

71-4.B  Removal of Dog Registration Tag Prohibited

71-4.C  Removal of Dog of Pet Waste

85-1  Discharge of a Firearm During Hunting Season within 500 feet of a dwelling

93-2  Littering

93-3.C  Improper Disposal of Waste into Storm Drains

93-4  Throwing Litter from a Motor Vehicle

93-11  Litter from a Commercial Vehicle

107-1  General Noise Ordinanace

107-2.A(7)  Construction Noise

107-2.A(10)  Landscaping Noise

109-3  Proper Display of House or Building Numbers

112-1  Nuisances or Disorderly Conduct

112-2  Lewd Conduct

112-3  Disorderly Premises

112-4  Solicitors

112-5  Gambling

112-7  Injury To Property

112-8  False Alarms

112-9  Interference with Official Personnel

112-10  Animals at Large

112-11  Abandoned or Junk Vehicles on anothers property

115-1.A  Mischief on or to Township Property

115-1.D  Hunting Prohibited on Township Property

115-1.Z  Loiter on Township Property between sunset and sunrise

135-2  Trailer or Campers Parking Restrictions

140-2.A  Abandoned Vehicles

140-2.B  Unregistered Vehicles on Roadways

140-3  Unregistered Vehicles on Private Property longer than 7 days

143-4  Authorization for Closing Streets

143-8  Parking Prohibited during a State of Emergency

143-9  Parking Prohibited for Snow Removal

143-13  Overnight Parking Prohibited 0200-0600

143-30  Handicaped Parking on Township and School Properties

143-31  Handicaped Parking on Private Property Open to Public

143-32  Handicaped Parking on all other Private Properties

143-54  Construction, Maintainence and Utility Work in Roadways Restricted to 0900-1600

143-56  Traffic Directors Required

143-57  Police To Stop Work in Roadways

143-70  Brae Loch Parking Restrictions

143-79.A  RVA Fields Parking Restrictions- must park in spaces

143-79.B  RVA Fields Parking Restrictions- no stopping or standing

143-83  RVA Fields Speed Limit 15 mph

143-84  RVA Fields Tow-Away Zone

143-61.A  JMF Parking Restrictions- must park in designated areas

143-62  JMF Handicaped Parking Restrictions

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